Pre-Planning Makes Perfect Sense

Talking about your final arrangements isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be hard.

You could be encouraging a loved one to pre-plan. Or, you could broach the topic of your own plans with your family. In either case, it’s all about approaching the topic with confidence and care. Don’t be surprised if discussing final wishes brings up strong emotions. Just reinforce that you’re doing this out of love, to make things easier in the future.

Questions and answers.

Your family is everything. So the last thing you’d want is to put them in a difficult position. A time of loss is a time of grief and confusion, but your final arrangements don’t have to add to the uncertainty. Pre-planning your funeral needs can save your loved ones from having to make decisions while they’re grieving. And they won’t have to guess what you’d want. Making pre-arrangements is financially and emotionally the right thing to do. 

  • Why are you considering pre-planning?
  • How would you like your family to be involved in the process?
  • Now that we know your wishes, what should we do next?
  • Does this mean you anticipate needing a funeral soon?

Start the process together.

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